True Alaskan Travel

Well, you should all go over to the Humphrey’s blog to see our picture. Suprising I know….but they’re pretty cute. Phil took all the boys carseats and today was Jonny’s first piano lesson….soooooo we improvised. It was actually a very nice little outing. We might continue to do it the next couple weeks if it stays nice enough. Anyways, We had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house. He had a very good first lesson and he is very excited about continuing. Oh, I also need everyone’s help trying to convince Phil we need the piano back at the house so that I don’t have to take Jonny to the church every day to practice. If he doesn’t no big deal just one more thing to do during the day. Or, I may just wait until the evening when Phil is home and he can watch Davy and Jesse while I take Jonny to the church.

I also need to get a new digital camera. I WANT PICTURES!!!!!!!! I have come to love taking pictures. Although no ones believes it…since they never see any. Well, you will all be happy to know that I took the boys pictures the other day with a friends camera…AAANNNDDD…I took our family picture for Christmas…so I am ahead of the game. I will be sending pictures to the Fam in the next few weeks. I put the word Fam in there for my mom!!! 🙂 Happy now….well, I gotta go and get dinner done. Phil will be home soon. Oh, and we’re doing the bees tonight hopefully. Well, gotta run talk to you later. Sprout


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