Phil’s Getting Tazed

Well, I hope everyone will take this as a warning to never try to resist arrest. I have talked to several police officers that say this is the longest five seconds of your life. Not to mention Phil said the same thing. Although, most police officers say that getting tazed is better than getting the o.c. spray in your eyes. Phil also did that. I will post some pictures. Not fun. Although, it was a huge learning experience. Well, I hope that you are all doing good. I will see you later. Sprout


2 thoughts on “Phil’s Getting Tazed

  1. Uh, the video isn’t working, if your useing photobucket then make sure it works right on phtobucket first.Then go to “Edit” the tazer video post.When your there on the top right you will see the compose and edit Html tabs. Click on the edit Html one to switch it there.Then copy the Html tag below your vid on phtobucket.And paste it into your post.

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