Scary, Huh?

So, was everyone as scared as me about getting tased? I didn’t enjoy watching Phil get tased one bit. Mikey was nice enough to show me how to get the stupid video on here in the first place. I hope you guys are all doing good. We are. Just busy. Today is one of those days that we got up early and it feels like the day is moving in hours instead of minutes. I’ve been up for three in a half hours already and it feels like it should be lunch time. We are starting some school today. Just working on writing letters and stuff with Davy and Jonny is just going to practice. I have to get Jesse up soon. That little guy sure can sleep a lot. Well, we finally turned the heat on last night for the first time. We’ve been freezing. I can’t wait til’ we get to go to Texas and it’s warm. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be acting like that already huh? I can’t help it. I’m almost done nursing and I’m freezing. I’ve actually already been wearing sweaters during the day. Anyways, not a whole lot going on. Just the normal chores and meal cooking. Oh, and i’m on a hunt for a new car insurance company. That is always fun. I can’t stand calling those people. It takes forever and usually there totally no help. Now you always have to call the local ones who don’t even open until 9:00!!! SOOOOOOOO irritating. Well, gotta go. Sprout


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