Well, as you can see I really don’t have a single thing to post about and I will probably still ramble for a whole page. :0) I bet you all already knew that. Someone once told me(it was Rebekah Humphrey)that I babble all the time but everyone loves me for it. I don’t think she was necessarily telling the truth. Anyways, Phil’s birthday is this week and he thinks he’s getting old. I reminded him that he isn’t THAT old. I mean he was only twenty when we got married. Can you believe that? I still have a hard time thinking about how young we were when we got married and how young we ARE now with three little boys running around. Oh yeah, Jesse is walking now too. He is quite the little stinker but an absolutely adorable one too. We aren’t doing a whole lot today just bumming. Oh Phil and Ty are trying to work on the four runner Phil bought. I think the Humphrey’s might buy it. He has quite the little side business going on right now. Well, I am being forced off the computer by Phil(who is using his police voice that I don’t like). Talk to you all later.


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