4 Days to Go!!!

I wish I could be posting saying….HERE IS THE BABY! but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet! I had a really fun day. Heidi came over and brought monkey bread and frappacinos( I think that’s how you spell it?)with Ty. He had a lot of mowing to do so he didn’t stick around long. Heidi and I just mainly sat around and chatted about EVERYTHING! It was really nice. She helped a lot with the kids too. It was really nice to just do nothing for a day. I did do some stuff….just not a lot. After she left I made dinner and got all the kids bathed….that is a chore in itself. They were pretty dirty. After that I cleaned the tub for the last time until this baby comes. That is really hard when your belly is in the way. Not much else going on at this point except my getting ready for bed and praying once again the baby comes. All in the LORD’s timing though!!!! Goodnight!


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