Book Club!!

I rescheduled the book club for next Thursday….Same time and everything. Kassandra was going out of town for the weekend I wanted her to be there. It also worked out better with my girls night. We are watching The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 1 and 2 tonight. We are ordering Pagoda and have Ben and Jerry’s afterwards. I am rethinking the ice cream after looking at my pictures on the Biggest Loser Blog. Anyways. I am excited about doing this and I think I am going to make a tradition out of it. I am going to do this every other month and any girls that want to come are more than welcome. We will do something different every time. Maybe next time it will be bowling or just out to dinner. Maybe even volleyball and a picnic when it warms up. Exciting huh. Anyways!!! This book club one turned out to be a different post altogether. See you!


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