Do you ever sit back and wonder where the time has gone? That when you lay your head down that tomorrow is over and you will NEVER get it back? I think about those things every now and then and more and more the older I get. I know that sounds corny but you never know how much time the LORD has allotted you. It makes you think about the times you should have told that special someone you loved them just one more time. Lingered a little longer on a kiss instead of just a peck on the lips or cheek. You should have squeezed your little ones so much more. I have learned a very important lesson these past few years and that is to NEVER take anything for granted. My church, my bible, my husband, my kids, my friends, and most importantly my LORD. He has given me an allotted time and I don’t know how much that is……what I do know is that the Lord wants me to use that time to the best of my ability and for Him. We fail so often in that area. We are soooooooo selfish. May you each take a little time to think about just how little time we get and how we should spend that time wisely and for the Lord. May He ever bless you as you endeavor to do your best. Use your time wisely and love people instead of tearing them down. Truly love them so that they know that you weren’t too consumed with yourself to think about them in their time of need. I love each and every one of you and am so thankful for you. Just a few thoughts. I hope they help you!!


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