Reuben’s 1st Birthday Party!!

Roo being cute.

I love this look.

he was licking the icing off

open wide!!!

Blowing out the candle

Relaxing in the living room

Gotta love Josh!!!

Grandma and the boys

Allen and Natasha…they’re so cute!!

Dad and Mom

I thought this look was funny…I don’t know what I was thinking

All he wanted to do was rip the paper!!

Jesse Talon

Jonny being silly and not smiling

Auntie Heidi and McKinley

Reuben waiting for lunch

He was laughing not crying

The cake and his presents

They made me hold Reuben under the sign!!


5 thoughts on “Reuben’s 1st Birthday Party!!

  1. What a great time Jen, I'm glad that the girls helped throw him a party with you. 🙂 He is a very loved kid. They all are. :))
    I miss you, and ordered that book this weekend so once your back from your sheep hunt we should be able to start emailing about it. :))
    Praying for you lots, please stay alive and well on your sheep hunt!

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