Life….or something like it!

Well, we’ve been REALLY busy lately. Things seem to be spiraling out of control this month. I was pleasantly surprised that we are handling it so well. I plan on taking some pictures and getting them posted. I would love if Phil would let me get a new camera. Our view screen is broken and it is difficult to have the energy to take pictures and download them and then decide if I like them or not. I will do it because I have to but I prefer not to. Anyways, that was my whine for the day. I am headed into town for a few appointments and a little stop here and there and then I will be back. I am only taking Jesse and Reuben. Jonny and Davy are going to Kim’s. They are excited about that. Anyways, not very exciting for most people to read about. We are doing school every day and we enjoy our weekends with Phil. Gotta jet!!


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