I’m Posting!!!

I’m sure you’re all shocked and so very happy that I am finally posting again. I am so sorry but things have been crazy lately. This month is going really good so far. We are working on getting our house plans all firmed up so that we can start pricing materials and figuring out how much more we need to save to finish the house. I am very excited about it. The boys are all doing good and thankfully no one is sick right now. We always seem to have the little ones coming down with something and it has been so nice having them well. We had Natasha’s baby shower on Monday and it went really well. I couldn’t have been happier about that. We are excited about her baby coming next month. She only has a few short weeks left til’ that precious little girl appears. Anyways, things have been going good. We are leaving on the 31st. for our Hawaii trip and will be back the 10th. of February. We are so excited and since we have never been away from all the kids together we are looking forward to it. It will give us a chance to talk about some things we need to plan for and just have a relaxing time together. I hope Ang and Mom survive the boys. They are such a handful sometimes. Well, I have to get going. We have lots to do today.


3 thoughts on “I’m Posting!!!

  1. Jenn!
    I'm so sure that your Mom and Angela will be able to survive the boys πŸ™‚ And I'm sure the boys will have a good time getting to spend some time with Grammie and Auntie.

    Looking forward to getting to see you! Only 10 more days!
    I think this trip is going to be so awesome for you guys!
    See you soon πŸ™‚

  2. I love when you post! I am so excited for you both going to Hawaii! Maybe when my babies are weened and I am done having them we will take us a trip! Love you honey.

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