Garage Saleing!!!

Ang and I got up and went garage saleing this morning. It was a lot of fun!!! She is so much fun to hang out with! We found a few good things but nothing I was needing! I am hoping to go every week but I don’t know how realistic that is. I have a few projects that need finishing. Anyways, we came home and worked on our dresses for a LONG time….they were being difficult. I have a hard time sewing when my children are awake because it distracts me and I make mistakes. I don’t like making mistakes. After that I made dinner and some food for Cutter and Larae’. They had a beautiful baby girl this week and I was going to take them some food tomorrow, but we have fifth Sunday potluck out at Two Rivers and I am not going to have time. Angela is such a sweetie that she is going to do it for me!!! I had to go clean the church tonight and still get the boys baths afterwards. Needless to say, I’m Pooped!!!! I just thought I would let you all know what a great day it was for us!!! Hope everyone has a beautiful and fun Memorial Day Weekend!!!


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