House Building- Framing

Starting the Framing
The boys were playing outside
Dad nailing the boards together
Setting in the studs
Reuben trying to help
He thought it was pretty cool
Helping Daddy
Measuring to make sure we got it right!
My kitchen is on the far left and the garage is on on the right!
This is the garage end
Here is the wall between the kitchen/living room and garage
Phil tearing the plates off the top….we had to take this wall apart and fix it!
He was having a pretty good time…he just never smiles when I take the picture!
Our garage doors!
So here’s all the pictures of the last couple days. We’ve been framing the walls and getting them up. There were a lot of people helping but it rained all day yesterday and I didn’t get any pictures. So, the people that helped were……Bro. Paul Harris, Lance Chace, Dawson Tozier, and the regular crew. Lance has been coming out in the evenings and tomorrow Josh is gonna come out and help too!


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