House Building….

So, I’m hoping tomorrow I will be able to post new pictures. I thought I would do a little update though. We got the sub-floor on Friday and Saturday. Today I had to go grocery shopping and it was pouring rain. When I got back the kids and I went to the land and the sun came out and stayed out the rest of the day til’ we were headed home. I actually got pretty sunburnt. The guys got the two long walls upstairs built and tonight a whole bunch of guys came and helped stand them up. There was Brian, Chris ( who lives at Brians), Travis, Lance, Dan Chace, Wesley, Corey, Bro. Fast, Phil and Dad. It was quite the crew. Anyways, I thought I would tell you what we got done and I will post pictures tomorrow after I get some more taken and have the energy. I’m pretty worn out these days!!


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