Reuben’s 2nd. Birthday!!

He was doing really good yesterday!
I love this expression
My guys! Their SO cute!

He sure enjoyed his cake and ice cream….so much he had some of mine too….I was thankful!

Good picture of these two!!

He put his new training pants on!!
New clothes !! They’re really cute!
His balloon from Josh and Ang was his favorite present…..and the boys too!!

I just love holding her….she’s such a sweetie!!!

Look at how she smiles for Mommy!!!

So, my baby boy turned 2 yesterday! I can’t believe how fast the time flies . He is such a sweetie though……he keeps us smiling SO much. He was so cute at his party!!! He got M&M’s from Mom and Dad, gummy bears and a sucker from Josh and Ang, potty training pants from Granddad and Grammie and some new clothes from Nana and Papa! He also got some money in the mail! Here’s a few pictures from the party!! Oh, and he got some cars from Allen, Natasha, Fritz and Kate!


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