Friday Fun!

So today….we got up and headed to town. We went and picked Heidi up and went shopping for awhile. I had a lot of fun. I got some good deals around town and it was nice to have someone help with the kids. They are NOT fun to have around when you’re doing GIRL shopping. Boys don’t see the fun in trying on clothes and getting a good deal. It was nice to spend time with Heidi and chat about life in general. I am sure gonna miss her when she moves to Dillingham.

We ended up getting pizza from Papa Murphey’s…..I am TOTALLY in love with their cheesy garlic bread. So bad! I left everything at their house so I wasn’t tempted to eat it all myself. Now I have to run double miles tomorrow since I didn’t get a chance to workout today. The boys had fun hanging out with her too. They are going to miss them. Jonny talked to Ty today too and he had a nice chat with him. I would be surprised if he can still hear out of that one ear. Anyways, I had my camera but didn’t get any pictures. Stupid me!!! We still had a great time! Love you Heidi!!!!!


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