Fabulous Friday!

So, my hubby is home! YAY! We have been busy since the day he got home getting back into getting everything done for our house! We are getting it done for sure! He is back to work for today and tomorrow ( 12 hour days ) :0( So, the boys and I are at home getting our stuff done and waiting for the Home Depot delivery guys to give me a call so I can go meet them to drop off our dishwasher and microwave/hood range! I got some laundry done already and I am working on getting some stuff ready to take over to the house too. Mainly kitchen stuff that can be moved into the cabinets. I will be working on getting the rest of our stuff slowly moved over after some of the carpet is done! What else? Ummmmm…..not too terribly much. Just cleaning, moving, and the daily stuff I always do! Not to mention trying to fit in working out again. I’m back at the running and planning on doing the Midnight Sun Run again and then the North Pole Half Marathon in August! We’ll see how that all goes! Happy Friday everyone!


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