Ghost Town…..

Yes, that’s what my blog has become ( according to Bek). So, later today….pictures. I would do it now but Phil is asleep, the boys rooms are a mess, and I am homeschooling. So it will have to come later today. We have been doing really well though. It has been busy with the Revival last week at the Church. I started a diet that is thirty days and so far have successfully avoided cheating. It’s going really well…..I have to admit I had a few BAD days though. We have had some sick kids. Including Reuben who we had to take to the Doctors on Monday because his face was SO swollen he could almost not see out of one eye and walk on one foot. We have a follow up appointment on May 3rd. to get the test results on his blood work. They are testing for allergies. They will also do some addition testing for some different allergies that aren’t included in the blood work.

So, the snow is melting and it has been beautiful here. We are having a Birthday party on Saturday for Jonny’s 9th. Birthday which is tomorrow!!!! I can’t believe it! He is growing up WAY too fast. Makes you realize all you need to teach them and to train them so that they can become the Godly men we hope and pray they will all become. He is so very special to us and we are so happy to see him growing in character and in stature. He will be taller than me by next year probably!

I will also post pictures of the party! Anyways, busy busy around the McBroom house. We have some visitors coming next week that my boys will be SUPER happy about! They don’t know!!! I’m excited! So, I hope this update was worth all the waiting…..probably not! Pictures to come next!


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