Happy Father’s Day!!

I love my Daddy So much! He has been there for me through a lot. He raised me so well. There is a lot I could say about my Dad. I still call him Daddy, he is an amazing man, he would give you the shirt off his back if he needed to, he is kind, he is SO funny, he loves me more than he could ever express, and he taught me to love the LORD. My Dad and I have a special bond……one only a father and daughter have. He and I were saved the very same night and that gave us another special bond. Like I said…..I could go through and spend several hours writing out how much I care about my Dad and all the times he was there for me…..but we both know and that’s enough. I love you Daddy and hope you have a great day!!! Wish I coulda been there with you! Hugs and Kisses!!! Your Loving Daughter


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