Military Id’s

So, we went to Fort Wainwright today to get our new Military Id’s. I don’t know why I have to look so hideous every time I get a picture taken I have to carry around with me forever!!! Anyways, it was fun!! The boys had a great time on their first Army base. It was surprisingly the same as the last time I saw it…..oh….about 15 years ago!!

We went to Att after that to get new go phones. It is a better price to get two of them and have unlimited talk, text, and web than to stick with a plan from them. So, we have new numbers which I will mass text to everyone next Thursday! I am using my phone until the billing cycle ends that day. I will give both our numbers out. It will take some getting used to having a new cell phone number after 10 years of the same number! Oh well. Just thought I would post a little update!!!


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