Tuesday Letter……STOLEN from Bek!

Dear Jonathan, must you always get a teenage attitude when I ask you take the dog out?! Dear David, the nose sniffing is REALLY getting annoying. Dear Jesse, when will the screaming end so I don’t have to spend my days breaking up fights? Dear Reuben, you are going to be the death of me with the potty training. I don’t know how many more nights I can get up two or three times and take you potty! Dearest Husband, I still refuse to believe I was the one who ruined your laptop. I can’t help it that everything breaks when I touch it. Dear Credit people……HOW IN THE WORLD did MY social security number get all messed up?!!! Will it ever be good again?! How long must I run to and fro getting copies from the Social Security Office proving I am who I say I am. On a side note, how cool to be two different people with an alias! I could totally do the spy thing. Dear Chewy, could you please quit waking me up in the early morning hours with your barking to go out?! Dear Chocolate, I miss you and don’t know how to live without you! I believe today is an eat lunch and go to the park day. I will post pictures later!


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