Tuesday Letter…..

Dear Husband, PLEASE stop beating me in Boggle!!! It makes me so angry! Dear Jonny and Davy, I think we have finally come to the point where I can’t understand half of what you are learning and therefore don’t know how we can continue our teacher/student relationship. Dear Jesse, when will you stop saying your r’s as awwww instead of arrrr?!! Dear Reuben, PLEASE let me sleep one night completely through without having to get up three times to take you potty!!! Dear self, why in the world did you agree to an 8 week challenge when you can barely make it through a day without sugar?! Dear mailman, thank you for all the packages this week….mail makes me happy. :0) Dear ARMY, thank you for taking such good care of your Troops! Unfortunately, you are taking my husband away for a year because nine months will throw off the balane of the entire ARMY deployment cycle! For that I don’t know how I feel about you right now!


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