Thursday Letter….

Dear Jesse, I know you’re sick but PLEASE quit wiping your nose on things that AREN’T a kleenex…..gross! Dear Reuben, Thank you for not having an accident for quite a while now….we are so close to being fully potty trained. Dear Jonny, Math isn’t going to kill you even though you think it will. Dear Davy, I’m sorry but you look even more HILARIOUS without your front tooth. WOW. Dear Chewy, please quit chewing your blanket to pieces, you will not be getting a new one. Dear Husband, Thank you for the new dry erase board shaped as a word bubble…too cool! Dear Refridgerator, When will you stop consuming all the food so I don’t have to go shopping anymore? Dear Morning runs, I enjoy you but you are going to be the death of me…I know it!


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