Tuesday Letter…..

Dearest Husband, what if I drink water for weeks and the headaches don’t go away? Will I get my coffee and soda back?! Dear David, are you EVER going to sit still and do your school?! It is fairly exhausting to deal with every day. Dear Reuben, THANK you for for finally getting potty trained. Mommy loves sleeping the whole night through! Dear Jesse, I’m sorry you had to throw your Army bear away. Dear Jonny, Thank you for all your hard work this week…..you are by the way NOT the family outcast! Dear Chewy, if you go to the bathroom in the house again I will be forced to get rid of you!!!! Dear Peanut M&M’s, please quit calling my name from the refrigerator. I will eat you all!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!


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