Tuesday Letter…..

Dear Snow, why must you insist on falling in March?! I moved to Washington to get away from the snow! Dear Bed, I don’t understand why you won’t give us a good night’s sleep anymore. Dear Jonny and Davy, don’t worry about those stupid test scores…..it’s just showing us what we need to improve on. Dear Hubby, thank you for helping with the schooling, spending time with the boys and me, and still doing everything else you have to do! You’re Amazing! Dear Reuben, I would really appreciate it if you would stop soaking the bed, even with a pull up on! I thought we were past this! Dear Jesse, I don’t appreciate the monkey powers in the house…please save them for outside! Dear Chewy, Don’t EVER chew the blinds again or we will be finding you a new home! Dear Workouts, we need to start getting together again!

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