Been awhile….

Hello world!!! We have been one busy little family! We had the stomach flu for about two and a half weeks. Now we’ve moved into the regular flu. Phil seems to be the only one suffering from it right now, but let’s give it a week and see what happens. He has training all this week and he leaves Monday for CAST training at Fort Carson, Colorado. He will be gone for about 5 days. When he comes home we have a week before he has to teach a Strong Bond’s Retreat at the Great Wolf Lodge. We are excited about that one since it is held at an indoor water park. The boys are SUPER excited. I am in the process of getting the boys re-enrolled in Columbia Virtual Academy. We have to take Jesse in to the Doctor for a physical and have them sign his waiver for vaccinations. I am switching all the boys to my doctor since she is the sweetest thing ever. I saw her last week and really like her. Plus, she is at the clinic and not the hospital which makes going there a WHOLE lot easier. The hospital here is GIGANTIC!!!! They say if you walked all the corridors it would be 15 miles. The parking is horrendous there……especially when you drive the biggest truck in Washington! I’m joking! Anyways, we are gearing up for Jonny’s birthday on Saturday. He is kind of excited but is having a hard time adjusting in some ways. I knew it would be the hardest on him. Phil is going to take Jonny and Davy to a Mariners game on his birthday as a surprise. He doesn’t know about it yet so don’t say anything to him if you call!!!!! Phil is going to the airport on Sunday morning to pick up Allen and hang out for about 6 hours. He is like a little kid…..SO excited! It’s great! Let’s see….anything I’m forgetting?! I’m sure there is. I guess that will give me a reason to post again! I just figured you would like an update!


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