Gearing Up!!!!

Well, we are getting ready for the big day! There are lots of ceremonies, breakfasts, and just relaxing family time! We are trying to enjoy every second we get with the big daddy. We are definitely enjoying him too. Life will definitely be different and thankfully the LORD has helped me to get over my major emotional breakdown I was having weeks ago. The funny thing is now it doesn’t seem all that bad. It will be different but we’re looking forward to what the LORD does this next year. In our life here at home and Phil’s in Afghanistan. He has been extremely sweet. He has a list of things we are trying to accomplish before he takes off. He is having pictures printed of him with each individual boy and putting them in their own frames for them. They will love it. He is also taking each one on a special walk and talking to them about the deployment. We are so thankful and blessed that we got to spend so much time with him! So, for now that’s it but I promise after he leaves things will settle down and I will keep you updated more! Hugs from Washington!!!


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