So, we had for awhile thought that Phil and I had gotten mono somehow. Come to find out the blood work was negative. I have a simple viral infection. I was EXTREMELY frustrated considering that I have felt terrible, obviously just being a baby with a bad attitude, and I wasted Phil’s time. So, I have been having a little bit of a bad attitude today and I need to get over it.


These things happen, we all have our moments. We are still waiting to hear about some other results for Phil because he has been having some issues since coming home from Afghanistan. I will fill you all in later after we get some results (we know nothing right now other than it isn’t mono). I have gained about 10 pounds since Phil came home so that was nice to see on a scale in the clinic today. I guess I better get after it and stop fussing and worrying over things I CAN’T control!  Anyways, a bit of a rant but I am frustrated with myself for having such a bad attitude when nothing was wrong with me. Don’t you just hate when the LORD puts trials in your life and you feel like you ended up failing the test?! Ah, thankfully He is so very forgiving! Thank you for your prayers and continued prayers for Phil are appreciated! Love you all and I know that you will forgive my constant babbling!


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