Day 21……..

So, Saturday I ran for the first time in a LONG time. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. I was supposed to get up early and run this morning but it didn’t happen. I will have to try again later or do my HIIT Mamas today. It is hard to get up and run when it is forty degrees and foggy here. Kinda creepy sometimes. I don’t usually mind it and it isn’t SUPER cold or anything. I did feel REALLY good all day Saturday though!

We went swimming yesterday and I got some exercise that way. We are trying to plan on twice a week at least for the family to go to the pool. I hate that guys can go swimming and come out looking just like they went in but as a girl you come out looking hideous! My hair is so curly and then it is freaky from the water. Not to mention, I don’t usually put makeup back on after I swim. Ugggh, Phil said not all girls come out looking like a drowned rat. The cute ones come out looking just as cute. (I know he wasn’t talking about me)

Anyways, little adjustments here and there. I still don’t think I will ever give up my morning cup of coffee! Especially since I love the International Delights creamers so much. Just picked up my free Peppermint Mocha flavor the other day. Whoo-hoo!!!! Thank you BzzAgent!!!! You’re the best!!!!


One thought on “Day 21……..

  1. I’ve never seen an un-drowned-rat-looking girl get out of a pool. The ones who only care about how they look don’t get wet.
    I’m still doing the HITT thing too, some of the workouts leave me wanting to shoot my computer in hopes that the bullet will find the person who posted it.
    Totally haven’t given up caffeine or coke zero, though. some things never change.

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