Truvia Sample and Share






So, as you all know I am a member of several sample and share sites. Crowdtap, BzzAgent, and Influester. I love them! I earn free Amazon gift cards through Crowdtap almost monthly. I earn free products from BzzAgent and Influester ALL the time. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting to try things free before I purchase them.

Most of the products come with a sample and coupon. I always give mine out. While at the store while shopping or just to friends that I know who have never tried a product. So today, I got my Crowdtap Truvia sample and share in the mail. I love them and I am giving them to two of my neighbors. I am a fan of Truvia and like to use it in my baking, coffee or tea, and also on my strawberries. It’s quite wonderful and I don’t feel bad about eating it.

I know many people have their opinions about sweetener’s but to be honest to each his own is what I say! So, I can’t wait to see what my neighbor’s have to say about Truvia. I will be posting what they think after I get some feedback! Whoo-Hoo! Thanks Crowdtap for always giving us a chance to try new things!!!!


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