Day 24….Running!

I had TOTALLY forgotten how much I love to run!!!! I missed yesterday but I was waiting on the maintenance guy and then life got a bit crazy! So, I ran Monday, Tuesday, and Today! I even got up at six this morning and got my run on. Phil locked me out of the house and I stood outside ringing the door bell, knocking, and just trying to make the dog go crazy so someone would come open the door. Jonny finally roused out of the rack and let me in. They were a bit scared considering not many people knock on the door at six something in the morning. Anyways, one of my favorite things about running is beating my previous days time. I did it by five seconds this morning. Which, may not seem like much but makes me VERY happy!

Also, this is my favorite running app. I use it on the laptop as we haven’t moved into the techy world yet with a smart phone of ANY KIND!!! (ahem, Phil)


I really like this one because I can log my own runs, share them to Facebook, and also plot my own maps! It’s so cool! It even sends me reminders and helps me meet my fitness goals.

ALSO, as a side note. For some reason when I start running I feel that I can eat more yummy stuff (TOTALLY unhealthy) but it is what it is. So, I have been making these cookies lately and even Phil likes them ( he’s not huge on chocolate like I am). So, that is a bonus. I made them with Andes mints a couple times and today they just have chocolate chips since we don’t have any candy in the house right now.




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