Day 25………

So, we’ve been talking about Health and Fitness this month. I have to say I haven’t been great about posting as much as I should but oh well!

Last night was our first Family Meeting! It went great! We are designing a coat of arms for our home, making new traditions, and planning family events. Last night we spent about 3 hours talking about our family motto, different things we want on our coat of arms, planning out our next three weeks until the next family meeting, and discussing any concerns or problems we may have. It was wonderful! We even had popcorn and cookies at our meeting!

We are all VERY excited about our new Family meetings! Now, what does this have to do with health and fitness you may ask?! Well, it is ALWAYS important to have healthy family relationships! We are a team and we are trying to work together as a team and family unit. It’s exciting and the boys are all super excited to be able to voice their opinions, concerns, and also help plan family outings and event!

Here is what our Calendar is looking like for the next couple of weeks!IMG_3069





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