Day 31…..

Well, this month has been fun! I decided that since I didn’t do all that great on being healthy and exercising that I am going to really get after it this next month. I’m changing up my eating habits and upping the exercising.

I am going to do the 30 day ab challenge next month since I didn’t do it this month. I am also going to start calorie counting again since I haven’t lost any weight this month and I REALLY need to!!!! I was disappointed when I weighed today but, what are you going to do?! JUST KEEP SWIMMING, just keep swimming!

Actually, that reminds me, we started swimming on Sunday afternoons. The two older boys passed the swim test and the little’s can swim in the kiddie side. This gives Phil and I an opportunity to swim laps and let me say, it’s a great workout! So, I guess that will help with some of the upper body that I need. I haven’t done weights in awhile. Need to add that back in at some point also.

Anyways, I feel like this month was a huge failure in some ways and in others it was a success. We got a lot of stuff done for our move in January and that is a huge relief. Anyways, hopefully running consistently, doing the ab challenge, and eating healthier will help me see some loss this next month. I am especially determined not to over do it this Holiday season!!!!

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