Challenge Loser!!!

So, as you can see, I am PRETTY lame when it comes to sticking with ANY challenges for the month right now. I already blew my ab challenge, the photo challenge, and the 90 day challenge. Maybe when things slow down I can get back to doing those things but right now I am barely holding my own.


I have sworn off my computer during the day until the evenings after everything settles down and by then I am too tired to do anything! I am running every morning, breakfast, school, quilting, dinner, and then we read in the evening or have a family thing planned. Last night was the pool and tomorrow night is our family dinner out at DQ!

We are excited seeing as it will probably be the last time we eat there for at least two years, probably longer! Homeschooling all the boys is really taking most of my day and after that I have about an hour to work on a step of my quilt. It is coming along slowly but I’m happy with it so far and it isn’t too much every day.

I had to shave the dog yesterday and give her a bath since we found out she has fleas! Oh Yay! Not to mention I spent a couple hours on the phone this afternoon trying to figure out how to get her to Korea! (That’s a WHOLE other story)!!!! Needless to say, ARMY! If you are in the ARMY you understand how things get mis-communicated quite often!


Anywhoo, busy busy, surprisingly, I’m super happy with how things are going right now! I’m getting a lot accomplished just feeling REALLY tired by the time seven o’clock rolls around!


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