Our moving adventure!

Well, I am going to write in detail about our adventure. For one thing, I don’t want to forget it and this is a good place to keep all our memories. Not to mention, I thought everyone might like to know how it is all going.

So, we began our little journey on Monday, January 13th. We began the day by packing the rest of our belongings and weighing each bag to make sure we were within our 70 pound limit. We ended up with 12 checked bags, 7 carry ons, and 2 carseats. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and preparing for the house inspection. They came around two o’clock and we ended having to pay about $500.00 for the replacement of the downstairs carpet ( NOT a good start to our journey). It is post housing and needless to say, they try to gouge you for everything you’re worth no matter HOW well you take care of your house!

Anyways, we were packed up and headed to Phil’s unit for him to sign out. We ran a few last errands and then went to Cabela’s to spend the rest of the evening/night before heading to the airport. It ended up that they were closing early so that they could do inventory so that pretty much ruined our plans of driving and being busy until about one in the morning. We went to Fred Meyer’s and got some chicken strips and JoJo’s for dinner. Just a side note, Starbucks in Fred Meyer’s closes at 7 and I had JUST missed them! We figured we would just go ahead and head to the airport since we had nothing else to do.

It wasn’t until we were almost to the airport that we realized we would have to sit out front for a VERY long time with nothing to do because we couldn’t check in until after 1:50 a.m. We ended up pulling off and finding a place to get coffee and park to sleep for awhile. We found a Motel 6 parking lot that was pretty seedy and needless to say we DID NOT sleep the entire 5 hours we were parked there. It didn’t help that there wasn’t a spare inch of space left in the Suburban we rented from all of our bags.

Thankfully the time went by somewhat quickly and we headed to the airport to drop off the rental and get checked in. We got there and into the terminal only to find THE LONGEST line EVER! In true Military fashion, I am sure there motto is really, “Hurry up and Wait”! We got checked in and through security but the tram to the gates we needed was closed until four a.m. so we headed to the USO. It was a blessing having a place to go get some food and drinks not to mention a place to sit or lay down for awhile. I am so thankful for our USO’s and the people who volunteer their time and energy to take care of our Military members.

We got back through security and over to the gate we needed and boarded fairly quickly. We ended up flying on a Boeing 767 that was 7 seats across. They fed us, let us watch movies, and took such good care of us the entire trip. It was about an 11 hour flight to Tokoto, Japan. We exited the plane while they cleaned and refueled and then within an hour were back on it and headed to Osan, South Korea. We landed about 3:45 yesterday afternoon and began all the fun ARMY stuff. We sat through some briefings, filled out paperwork, and waited in line to go through Immigration. We got done with all of that got our bags loaded on a truck and then loaded up on a bus. They bussed us from Osan to Yongsan. It was about a 2 hour drive in the most amazing traffic I have EVER seen.

I am terrified of driving here! It was quite an experience! We made it safely and then while Phil sat through another briefing I watched my four dead children sleep on the bus. We tried SO hard to keep them awake but I think they had finally hit their limit on sleep deprivation. It didn’t help that Reuben was wheezing and coughing like a barking seal for the entire trip. I was just SO thankful that they were so tired that he couldn’t wake up and do his panicked crying!

We were right next to the Dragon Hill Lodge where we already had a room thanks to Phil’s unit. They sent someone up from Camp Humphreys with an SUV and a truck to take us back after Phil’s inprocessing. They helped Phil get all the bags while I brought the kids down the road to the Lodge and then gave us water and snacks. He was going to go get us dinner but the kids went STRAIGHT to bed. They slept from about 8:30 last night until 6:30 this morning. They are going strong!

I do have to say my children’s sleeping habits are quite interesting when they haven’t slept for a long period of time. Jonathan was talking to me with his eyes open and he was TOTALLY asleep. It was hilarious! Jesse and Reuben stayed in the same room as us last night so between Roo’s dragon breathing and Jesse’s panicked waking up and screaming it was not so much of a restful night but I feel rested this morning. I am sure the jet lag will continue to haunt us for a few days but that is to be expected.

Overall our trip went wonderfully and I am SO thankful that the LORD blessed us in every aspect of it. I will continue to update as we go along!


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