Camp Humphrey’s

So, we made it to Camp Humphrey’s yesterday. It was a nice 1 hour 20 minute drive from Yongsan to Camp Humphrey’s. We saw lots of stuff and our sponsor has been amazing!

We got checked in with housing but there were no on post houses available. We were hoping to transition into things a bit slower but no such luck. We are on the hunt for a place today and also a vehicle since Phil will need one to get back and forth to work. We are on the wait list for on post housing and are praying that one comes available before our household goods come or we will be paying someone to move us on post. We are number 6 on the list so I guess this is a prayer request.

We have been warmly greeted by many people. The Commander’s wife left a bag with snacks and a note at the front desk for us. We had two Chaplains and Phil’s Brigade Chaplain come and see us at the Lodge and let us know some really good information. In fact, as we speak, Phil’s Brigade Chaplain is taking Phil to meet her Realtor and help us get started on house hunting. Well, I should apartment hunting since there are no houses here.

We are still working on our jet lag. I went to bed at eight o’clock last night because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The boys are all croupy and sick but seem to be handling everything very well. Pray for an easy transition and grace in dealing with everything.

It was really neat getting to see Shane WIthrow yesterday. Phil went to CH-BOLC with him and graduated with him and it was a blessing seeing him again. We already know a couple different people here and they have already blessed us in so many ways. The LORD is so good to us! I will update everyone as things progress!


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