Day 3 or 4?

It’s sad when you can’t remember what day or how long you have been here! I am still learning the time difference. I have learned three new words in Korean so far and I am excited to start using them. They are just the basic hello, thank you, and your welcome but it is a start. The Korean people are so nice and they seem to appreciate us trying to learn some of their language.

Phil and I are going to look at three apartments this morning and hopefully will pick one and then start working on a vehicle. We are excited about moving into a house here and I am sure we will end up loving off post more than living on but we will see. I was a bit emotional today but I think the majority of it is from the jet lag and newness of everything.

I am going to start looking into a phone today also and we will see what we find out on that front. We also have to get some groceries and go by the bank here on post. We went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday and had some amazing food. The Brigade Chaplain and her husband took us and we had a wonderful time. They have welcomed us so wonderfully here. The commander’s wife even stopped by yesterday and we are already going to dinner at people’s houses tonight and tomorrow evening. We are excited to get started and get settled.

I will post as things progress and hopefully have some pictures to share at some point. We haven’t been out and about too much so far so hopefully soon I will get some good photos to show you our new home!


One thought on “Day 3 or 4?

  1. I love that you’re writing about all this. I tried to call a few times before you guys left but never got through. I miss you even more now that you’re farther away. 😦

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