Week one gone…..

We have already been in Korea a week and so much has happened. We have done a Newcomer’s Brief, taken our driver’s test to get our license, found an apartment, and much more. We are working on getting a cell phone and a vehicle. No such luck so far. The carseat laws are different here so Roo is the only one that has to be in one and just until he weighs 45 pounds.

We are all fighting a cold but it seems to be getting a little bit better. We should be moving into our apartment this weekend and I will be posting pictures of it as soon as I can. We sign the lease  on Friday and then will be moving in and starting school back on Monday. I am shooting to attend a Spouse’s coffee next week. We are very excited about all the ministry opportunities here thus far.

I know I haven’t taken too many pictures but we have been in lodging on post and not out and about too much yet. Anyways, just a little update and I will keep updating as we go!


2 thoughts on “Week one gone…..

    1. We are borrowing a car that Phil’s XO lent us. We are working on getting a van but they are harder to find here.

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