Off Post Housing

So, we got moved into our new apartment on Saturday. It is definitely different living in Korea. I am going to take pictures today and post them after Housing brings our lending furniture. That’s right, we borrow furniture until ours gets here or use it until we leave Korea. Pretty cool if you ask me. The kids are getting bunk beds, dressers, and desks. We are getting a kitchen table and chairs and a bedroom set for Phil and I until ours get here. Not to mention a washer and dryer. There is some furniture already in the place and we are thankful to have it for now.

   We have very little storage space but I think we will be just fine in the long run. We are still on the housing list so if something opens up we will probably move onto post. It will be MUCH more convenient. It is safe off post for the most part.

   We went to both services yesterday at church, we drove to Osan Air Force Base after the morning service. It was nice because we followed another Chaplain and they showed us how to get there and back. We made it back just in time for the evening service and afterwards went through the walk in gate to a Korean place for dinner. We had sweet and sour chicken, pot stickers, rice, salad, and some sort of pasta salad. It was very good. Afterwards they took us over to the chapel and gave us four big boxes of pantry stuff so our pantry is fully stocked! It was a HUMONGOUS blessing!!!!

    It was stuff that we really needed and were going to spend hundreds of dollars to buy. The Commissary and P.X. are very small on Camp Humphrey’s so we will probably shop off post or drive up to Osan every other week. They have a much bigger Commissary and P.X. Anyways, I will post some pictures this afternoon when we have things set up! Exciting!!!!



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