Week in Review…..

Well, we were without Superman this past week, he was in the field conducting services and boosting morale! He should be posting some pictures soon on Facebook. It was really cool to see the pictures. Every where you go here in Korea you see history. It was cool!

The boys and I ran around and worked on paying the rent (more of a process than you would think), going to some homeschool classes, went to the pool, and watched movies. It was fun. I have to say that one of the challenges of living here is the language barrier. I tried to call and schedule something and they ended up hanging up on me and I decided it would be easier to do it in person.

One cool thing this week was that I received my free gift I had won in a giveaway. It was supposed to be a coffee maker but there were some difficulties. In the end I got a new digital camera. It is a little bit nicer than the one we have and we needed a second one anyways. I will have to post pictures at a later date. It’s red and smaller so it is easier to carry and it also has a quicker snap than my other one. LOVE that! I am still hoping to someday get my Canon Rebel DSLR. We’ll see. Well, that’s it for now folks! I am sure there were a million other things I could write about but I won’t torture you like that. 😉


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