A trip to the Ville…..

So, here in Korea there are little shopping districts outside of the posts. We went to Osan to get our SOFA stamps in our passports. Then Phil took us to what they call The Ville. It is little shops ALL over the streets selling different things. Here are a few things we got today. I am SO spoiled!

This is the sign as you walk in!
My new teapot and cups!


Love the storks on here!
David’s find!

David scored his blanket for $23.00, the first shop started at 40 and then they went down from there. He is SO excited. My tea set was something I looked at and said I would really like to get at some point and a little while later Phil walked out with it. I knew from the beginning though that my first find was going to be the cool chopsticks in the special case. I loved them when I saw a set at Cutter and Larae’s . Anyways, we had a great time and the only thing we didn’t find was a good place to eat and that’s just because we are still learning our way around. There are a few other things that are on our list of things to get before we leave Korea. I will hopefully show you pictures of those at some other time. It was a great day!


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