Things I am in love with this week…..

o, I probably added  a billion things to my Amazon wish list. I just can’t help it. There are so many things that I want to craft and ways I want to decorate! I wish I had taken pictures of some of the things Phil has bought me recently. Anyways, I am finding that only Amazon will ship to Korea and every other website I try to even look at tells me that it is unavailable in my area! So frustrating, anyways, that’s beside the point.

Aren't these SO adorable?!
Aren’t these SO adorable?!

This Blog!


This Outfit!

I even love the purse!
I even love the purse!

This Meal Planning Idea (I am going to make my own but the patterns are adorable)


There are other things too I am sure I am forgetting, like the fact that I am absolutely ALL about elephants these days. Phil bought me some to decorate with and I wish I had room to keep them out now! Anyways, that is for a later date. What are you in love with right now?


3 thoughts on “Things I am in love with this week…..

  1. Elephants, huh?

    I read that blog too sometimes. It’s not one of my fav’s but she’s pretty adorable.
    I’ve looked at those stencils at the store before. There are a bunch in the MS line that I like and they’re sticky, which is awesome.

    Also, raising up rubies is an awesome blog. I’ve only been following along for a few months, but she’s crazy talented.

    1. They won’t accept an APO box or won’t even let me access their websites. Some of them are just crazy! They are considered USPS so I don’t get it.

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